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Whats a happening hot stuff

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Remember the character Long Duk Dong? I still snicker at that name like the twelve edmonton hot sexy girl old I was when that film came.

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

And the guy in question has been a member of Twitter for several months but only has six Tweets. I changed the profile picture to one of me. I left the banner picture the same so that people would connect it to the blog.

Here is a screen shot of my bio. Obviously an invitation to flirt with me, right?

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Yet after changing the picture, the Long Duk Dongs of the world started coming out of the woodwork. Dudes, seriously, Beautiful housewives seeking sex Sacramento you paid any attention at all to my bio or my feed, you would know that I retweet a bunch of Mom and lady jokes, sarcasm, hashtag games and my own blog posts.

No, really, I want you to flirt with me. All you guys sniffing around on social media are the same dudes who ignored me in high school, college and my early twenties. Where were you when my love life looked like this?

Not sorry. Or that stare a little too long at his wife. Welcome to the gun.

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Wanna meet him? Sort of. The Long Duk Dongs are not just male.

Several, apparently. The photo in this profile?

Here is the part I find most amusing. The real Prince Hamdan has 6.

I especially like how he added all those s to the end of his Twitter handle. Very authentic.

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Normal is boring! Have you followed me on social media?

Get a daily dose of humor on my Facebook and Twitter s, check out snippets of my Black sex in Bahamas on Instagramand find all kinds of funny, weird, useful things on my Pinterest. I want to see you there!